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...matters relating to the Plant family name; such as, the dna and genealogy of this old name, from Plantapilosa in Aquitaine to Plante Genest in England, from Plant City in Florida to Plants yard in Sheffield.

The Plant Family History Group is interested in anyone related to the name Plant or similar such as the French spelling Plante or the Swiss noble name Planta or Plant-like names such as Plantard or Plantamour.

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Some plant collocations from Plantagenet times * god hadde plauntid paradise of delyte * that wyz that al the worlde planted * the playn, the plonttez, the spyse, the perez * this tre hatte Trewe-love * this is a propre plonte and priveliche hit bloweth * love is the plonte of pees, most precious of vertues * kep pes alwei withinne bounde, which god hathe planted in thi conscience * fire of fraward lufe norrysches the plantes of all vyce * pull up thornes of vicis and for to plaunte vertues. And from the Cheshire Plant homeland in 1621 * that hopeful Plant, that is the apparent Heir of all his glory, and this great Discent