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Some excerpts from J.S.Plant (1970) PhD Thesis:

Neutron Diffraction studies of the relationshp between the Magnetic and Chemical Structures of some Manganese alloys

JSP Thesis cover
  • Introduction and Chapter 1 Diffraction by solids
    • the results obtained here for magnetite were written up in a 1982 paper
  • Chapter 2 Computation of nuclear and magnetic diffraction patterns
  • Chapter 3 An introduction to Heusler alloys, AuMn and Au2(Mn,Z)2
  • Chapter 4a and 4b Chemical ordering in ternary alloys
    • this chapter was summarised in a 1971 paper
  • Chapter 5 Helimagnetic Au2MnAl and molecular field theory (excerpts only)
    • a summary of the theoretical phase diagrams was included in a 1973 paper
  • Chapter 6 Experimental results for Au2(Mn,Z)2; Z=Al,Cu,Ga,In,Y,Zn
    • some further experimental results were included in a 1979 and a 1981 paper
  • Chapter 7 Au2(Mn,Z)2: Relationship between magnetic and chemical configurations (excerpts only)
    • a better analysis and modelling of the exchange interactions was included in a 1979 paper
  • Chapter 8 Au2(Mn,Z)2: Metallography, homogeneity and critical temperatures
    • a summary of these results was included in a 1973 paper
  • Chapter 9 Summary and main Conclusions (excerpts only)
    • developed further in detail in some subsequent papers in 1973, 1979 and 1981
  • Appendix I The measurement of structure factors: the scattering amplitude of potassium
    • the result of these measurements was included in a very short 1968 paper
  • Appendix II Data for diffraction computations (omitted here)
  • Appendix III Weighted least squares expressions for parameter determinations
    • some of these expressions were included in an Appendix of a 1973 paper
  • Appendix IV Chemical ordering in some 'Heusler' and 'C1b' alloys
    • some, but not all, of these results were included in a 1971 paper
  • Appendix V Molecular field theory for various moment arrays (omitted here)

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