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Plant Web Site - Some recent updates

This website was hosted by Keele University from 2000 to 2003 before being moved to a private hosting company as web hosting became more widely available. It was archived bi-anually by the British Library Web Archive from 2010 to 2012. In July 2015, a twin copy was lodged with the Guild on One Name Study at before the private hosting copy was closed down and both domain names were pointed to the Guild copy.

Some examples of updates to the web pages of this Plant Family History Group site are as follows...

Oct-Nov 2017 :.:Made a start on an outline of some 1526-1775 Plant wills and early University attendees in England
Sept. 2017 :.:Used gimp software to update the navigation buttons.
Aug. 2017 :.:Updated deep ancestry section in French origins page and tidied up pre-parish records section in name distribution page.
June 2017 :.:Added a Site Map to the website.
Mar. 2017 :.:Added article on DNA hints of Deep Roots for the main Plant family.
Jan. 2017 :.:Added article on Royal name Plantagenet concepts.
Dec. 2016 :.:Updated discussion of a Plant-Plantagenet link as against a Plantard one.
Nov. 2016 :.:Added section to the Name Origins page concerning a 2016 dictionary entry for the Plant name.
Sept. 2016 :.:Added sections to the Name Distribution page on Reaching back to before English parish records and Gathering together many early Plants.
Aug. 2015 :.: Added page on Longspee-Audley hypothesis for the feudal context of the first Plants.
July 2015 :.: Updated heraldry page with some comments concerning the possible arms recipient Sir John Plant.
June 2015:.:Added page on Some early Plant documents and added some maps to the Name Distribution page.
April 2015 :.:Updated account of Plant family descent tree on DNA project page.
Nov. 2014:.:Updated implications of latest DNA results on French origins page.
Jun. 2014:.:Added article John S. Plant and Richard E. Plant English Surnames: Plural Origins, DNA and Emigration.
Jan. 2014 :.: Updated note on meaning on start page.
Aug. 2013 :.: Added two more images to heraldry page.
Jun. 2013 :.: Added article John S. Plant and Richard E. Plant, Getting The Most from a Surname Study (second edition).
Feb. 2013:.:Added further diagram and map to illustrations of DNA results.
Sep. 2012:.:Added article containing evidence of First known Plants in main homeland.
Jun. 2012 :.: Added article John S. Plant and Richard E. Plant (May 2012), Getting The Most from a Surname Study: semantics, DNA and Computer Modelling, DNA Section, Guild of One-Name Studies (40 pages)
Apr. 2012 :.: Added full text of Series 1 of the Journal Roots and Branches.
Mar. 2012 :.: Added diagrams and map as an extra section about DNA project.
Sep. 2011 :.:Updated web page on name distribution.
Jan. 2011 :.: Updated web page on Plant soul.
Oct. 2010:.:Added article John S. Plant (July 2010), Understanding the Royal name Plantagenet -- how DNA helps, DNA Section, Guild of One-Name Studies (23 pages); and, (Oct 2010), illustrated summary version, Journal of One-Name Studies, Volume 10, Issue 8, pp. 14-15.
Nov-Dec 2009:.: Updated French orgins to take account of deep-ancestry Plant Y-DNA results; also, Contacts to take account of resurrection of Journal.
Jul-Aug 2009:.: Added paper Surname studies with genetics including an outline of the Plant Y-DNA results; also, some associated debate about Plant polygyny
Aug. 2007:.: Added details of Some Statistical Considerations for the Y-DNA results.
Apr. 2007 :.: Added an extra web page On a possible connection to Plantagenet.
Jan. 2007 :.: Added a sample article Geoffrey Plantagenet: surname inspirer to journal artcles page.
Sep. 2005 :.: Added a page about the Plant bloodline in popular fiction and pseudo-history.
Jan-Feb 2005 :.: Updated Name Distribution and DNA project page.
September 2004 :.: Added a further artcle on the meaning of Plant to the journal page.
March/April 2004 :.: Updated DNA results and the theoretical account of a relevant Warren-Plantagenet affinity.
December 2003 :.: Updated French and Swiss origins to Plant-like names and added a simpler commentary to the account of the vegetative soul which evidently has relevance for such names as Plantagenet and Plant.
October 2003 :.: Added a sample article on the semantics of Plant-like names to the Journal page. Also added a guestbook to the entry page. Also revamped Members Interests pages by using a PHP+MySQL database.
August 2003 :.: Moved web site from Keele University servers to Host Plus servers.
April 2003 :.: Updated and extended page on the Origins and Meaning of Plant and redesigned Entry Page.
February 2003 :.: Added some further on-line Journal articles.
Jan-Feb 2003 :.: Added some DNA results for Plante and Plant.
September 2002 :.: Added illustrations of medieval Green Man heads to pages on Name Origins and Plant Soul.
August 2002 :.: Added introductory article Some Notable Plants by the Group President to the How to Join page. Also added a list of Past Members to the Members' Interests page. Also added a password-protected area to the Journal Articles page containing the full text of many sample articles - the password is made available to members only. [Password protection since removed].
May 2002 :.: Substituted colour rendering of Plant Coat of Arms on page about Plant Heraldry in place of black and white outline.
April 2002 :.: Added Modern distribution of Plant-like names in France. Also, added first DNA results.
January 2002 :.: Added sample article on the Literary context of the 14th century Plant homeland.
December 2001 :.: Added information about early `Plant like' names in France to section on Origins of the Plant name.
August 2001 :.: Updates about our Plant(e) name DNA testing programme.
July 2001 :.: Updated the Historical Distribution of the Plant name with details about early Plants in the USA and Canada.
April & June 2001 :.: Improved presentation and explanation of `Plant Soul' relating to the meanings of such names as Plant and Plantagenet.
March 2001 :.: Some sample articles, on the Plantagenet connection and on industrial Plants, were made available on-line on the web page Articles in journals to date. Also, the slides of the millennium presentation were made available.
February 2001 :.: Pages on the Historical Distribution of the Plant name were revamped with the inclusion, for example, of UK distribution maps based on an analysis of Plant data in the IGI dating from 1601 (John S Plant) and also an analysis of the 1881 Census data (W Keith Plant).

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