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Author: Dr John S Plant (bio)
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The French influence and an early immigrant to Quebec, Canada

Canadian Plants

The 2001 edition of Paul A Plante's book Dictionnaire Genealogique Des Familles Plante en Amerique (1600-2000), distributed by Les Editions C.G.L., CP 21027 Succ. Jacques-Cartier, Longueuil, Quebec, Canada J4J5J4 contains some 23,000 entries, mainly with the spelling Plante. There are also 47 with the Plant surname, such as one with a line which went to Maine and which displays many name changes between the spellings Plante and Plant. There are also 118 with the spelling Plaunt.

It is claimed, probably fictitiously, that there were `Plant like' names in France as early as the 7th century. Certainly, the name Planta pilosa arises as a Duke of Aquitaine in the 9th century. Subsequently, following the collapse of the Angevin Empire (1154-1204), the name spelling Plante is found in England by 1262 (Essex). There are various 16th century occurrences of the spelling Plante in the IGI for both England and France..

  • England: Leicestershire (1548, 1567, 1569, 1569, 1569, 1590); Norfolk (1556, 1556, 1582); Cheshire (1561, 1561, 1561, 1561, 1562, 1562, 1562, 1562, 1562, 1570, 1574, 1574, 1576, 1576, 1576, 1576, 1576, 1585, 1585, 1585, 1585, 1590, 1590, 1590, 1590, 1590, 1590, 1593, 1593, 1593, 1594, 1594, 1594, 1594, 1594, 1597, 1597, 1597, 1598, 1598, 1599, 1599, 1599, 1599); Staffordshire (1564, 1578, 1590, 1595, 1596); London (1569, 1569, 1577, 1596); Oxfordshire (1575, 1575); Lincolnshire (1579, 1592, 1592, 1598); Nottinghamshire (1595, 1596, 1596)
  • France: La Rochelle (1520, 1595, 1595, 1595, 1595, 1595, 1596, 1597); Charente-Maritime (1595, 1595)
In particular, a list of immigrants to Quebec includes:- The father, Nicholas Plante, is probably he who was born c1593 at Laleu, La Rochelle, France. Some further information about the Canadian Plantes is given.. Some information from Paul A Plante of the Canadian Plante Family Group (July 2001)..

More recent Y-DNA testing indicates that the main French Canadian Plante family is genetically distinct from the main English Plant family.

The name DuPlane is known to have existed in France since 1680 and the name DuPlant(e)(s) is found in Quebec and Louisiana since the 18th century. The English surname Plant(e) evidently originated mostly with the Welsh meaning `children'. By the 14th century in England, it evidently also had the meaning a `planted spirit of the Lord' and a tradition of such meaning may have continued with DuPlan(t)e meaning `earthly child' (i.e. minor mundis) or `from the planted Word of creation'. It is also argued, however, that the French spelling Plante means `from a planted place or plantation'.

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