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Author: Dr John S Plant (bio)
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The Plant Name - UK Distibution - 1881 Census

A brief summary

Statistics for the Plants in the 1881 Census provide a particular reliable guide to their distribution at that time. This shows clearly that the name was concentrated in Staffordshire (36%) to the south of Cheshire (8.1%) as well as in Lancashire (9.7%) to Cheshire's north. Unlike for the 1842-6 deaths data there is, by 1881, no striking evidence of the earlier secondary cluster in Lincolnshire - also there is an increased number for the Plants who had evidently migrated eastwards to, for example, the industrial region of S Yorkshire and NE Derbyshire around Sheffield.

The total number of Plants in the 1881 Census is 6697 which, when allowing for population growth, is in line with an estimate of 15211 a century later.

Rough map of Plant Distribution in 1881 Census

Number of Plants in the 1881 UK Census
Staffordshire 2413 :.: Lancashire 648 :.: Cheshire 544 :.: London 466 :.: Yorkshire 433 :.:
Derbyshire 328 :.: Warwickshire 252 :.: Shropshire 224 :.: Worcestershire 222 :.: Suffolk 206 :.:
Leicester 171 :.: Durham 123

Only the counties with more than 100 occurrences are listed above. Fuller details are given in the following reference: W Keith Plant (2001) Roots and Branches, Issue Number 21, pages 16-18.

A more detailed analytical mapping

Using Steve Archer's mapping software for the 1881 UK Census: More detailed maps of the UK Plant distibution in 1881.

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