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Author: Dr John S Plant (bio)
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The Plant Name - UK Distibution - 1842-46 Deaths

The distribution of Plant deaths, as recorded in the UK Civil Registers for 1842-6, indicates that this name was concentrated in Staffordshire and its adjoining counties, as well as in Lancashire to the north of Cheshire. This is also evidence of migration to London. There is only slight evidence, however, for the remnants of an earlier secondary cluster in Lincolnshire.

Map of distribution of 1842-6 Plant deaths

Number of Registered Plant Deaths for 1842-6
Staffordshire 139 :.: Lancashire 70 :.: Cheshire 44 :.: London 34 :.: Worcestershire 33 :.:
Shropshire 27 :.: Derbyshire 19 :.: Warwickshire 19 :.: Lincolnshire 16 :.: Leicestershire 15 :.:
Suffolk 13 :.: Yorkshire 12 :.: Nottinghamshire 6

Only the counties with more than 4 occurrences are listed above. The total for the UK is 477. Fuller details are given in the following reference.

Reference: David Hey (1998) The Distinctive Surnames of Staffordshire in Staffordshire Studies, Vol.10, pps 1-28 (The Nineteenth Earl Lecture, delivered at Keele University, 6 November 1997).

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