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Author: Dr John S Plant (bio)
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The Plant Name in Staffordshire - 1666 and 1532-33

This study considers only Staffordshire. It should be noted that, in these early modern times, it has been estimated that there could have been a similar numbers of Plants in Cheshire (approx. 30%) and in Lincolnshire (approx. 20%) though that is based on less reliable data.

The 1666 hearth tax returns show occurrences of the Plant name mainly in the northern two Hundreds (divisions) of Staffordshire (adjoining east Cheshire)..

  Northern Hundreds:  Totmonslow 19,   Pirehill  5

  Southern Hundreds:  Seisden     0,   Cuttleston 1,      Offlow 2

For a map of the Staffordhire Hundreds etc., see page 38 of Journal No 22 and, for further details, pages 32-34 of Journal No 30.

A 1532-33 list of Staffordshire people shows that the Plants were already numerous, with 15 families in the northern half of the county.

For further details, see pages 32-33 of Journal No 30.

The following reference contains an 'error' though it had apparently been partly deliberate to account for an undercount of Stffordshire families in Pirehill. It states that there were 10 occurrences of Plant households in the 1666 hearth tax returns for Pirehill, but the value direct from the evidence is 5, as given above.

Reference: David Hey (1998) The Distinctive Surnames of Staffordshire in Staffordshire Studies, Vol.10, pps 1-28 (The Nineteenth Earl Lecture, delivered at Keele University, 6 November 1997).

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