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Author: Dr John S Plant (bio)
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The Plant Family History Group - Plant Marriages etc

7882 Plant marriages between 1837 and 1911 compiled by Sian Plant

This is still under development - contact Sian Plant for further details.

From the Guild website at 7 Nov 2021, there are currently 1358 marriages mentioning the surname Plant of which 493 are public and the rest need login.


DNB = Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

Plant surname

Thomas Livesey Plant (1819-83) meteorologist, DNB
(Samuel) Cornell Plant (1866-1921) river cartographer, DNB
Sir Arnold Plant (1898-1978) economist, DNB;
he is also mentioned in DNB articles for: Ronald Harry Coase 1910-2013 economist; and, Arthur Sedon 1916-2005 economist
Lord Cyril Plant (1910-86) trade unionist, DNB;
he is also mentioned in DNB article for Leonard James (Jim) Callaghan 1912-2015 prime minister

Other Plants mentioned in DNB without their own article

Plante and Planté surnames

Planta surname

Joseph Planta (1744-1827) librarian, DNB;
he is also mentioned in DNB articles for: Sir Henry Ellis (1777-1869) librarian; Edward Whitaker Gray (1748-1806) physician and museum curator; Henry Hudson (fl 1782-1792) mezzotint engraver; Timothy Lane (1734-1807) apothecary and natural philosopher; William Marsden (1754-1836) orientalist and numismatist; Sir Anthony Panizzi [formerly Antonio Genesio Maria] (1797-1879) librarian
Joseph Planta (1787-1847) politician, DNB;
he is also mentioned in DNB articles for: John Backhouse (1784-1845) civil servant; Stratford Canning, Viscount Stratford de Redcliffe (1786-1880) diplomatist; the Malcolm family of Poltalloch (per 1750-1857) merchants, landowners and politicians; an old family friend of and assistant to Joseph Planta while Planta was private secretary to Lord Castlereagh, Sir Woodbine Parish (1796-1882) diplomatist; reference to letter dated 13 Jan 1828 from J Planta to W Huskisson concerning character of Frederick John Robinson, first Viscount Goderich and first earl of Ripon (1782-1859) prime minister

A mention of the Planta family without its own article and Planta as a forename

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